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Apples are commonly eaten in European countries as well as in Poland. Due to the scale of consumption apples are the main source of polyphenolic compounds that are biologically precious to our health.

 On the Polish market we have a wide range of clarified apple juices which, due to the clarification process, lack important bio-active ingredients such as vitamin C and bioflavonoids.
Unclarified pressed apple juice Spicy apple juice Apple juice with cranberry
Unclarified pressed apple
juice with elderberry
Mint apple juice Unclarified pressed apple
juice with aroniae
Pressed apple juice
with black currant
Ecological BIO apple juice  

Researches show that among juices the ones with the largest amount of polyphenolic compounds are the turbid ones. Only a turbid apple juice and not separately isolated phenol compounds or pectins can successfully counteract damaging DNA leading to a large bowel cancer. Pectins present in a turbid apple juice enrich the biological value of antioxidants.

Phenol compounds surrounded by pectin particles in juice turbidities are stable and go through up to the large bowel and only there and in this form they contribute to cancer prophylaxis. Moreover, an apple juice and phenol compounds together lower cholesterol and triglycerides in blood and liver stronger than when consumed separately.

The consumption of turbid juice containing pectin is more beneficial than the consumption of a clarified juice deprived of these compounds.

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